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Dance a Day Celebration – March 12, 2011 – Day 108 – I Need Love, by Bonnie Raitt

April 8, 2011

Can’t hit it out of the park every day.  This was a decent West Coast Swing.


No YouTube video for this one either.




Bonnie Raitt



Dance a Day Celebration – March 11, 2011 – Day 107 – Gravity, by Sara Barieles

April 8, 2011

First time I heard this tune was on So You Think You Can Dance a couple of seasons ago.  It was an amazing dance choreographed by Mia Michaels, who is an outstanding choreographer.  The piece was about the paralyzing grip a drug can have on its unsuspecting victim.  Amazing. And oh, so powerful.

My dance was not quite that dramatic.  Total improv, and I loved doing it, but Mia has nothing to worry about.

YouTube Link to the dance from So You Think You Can Dance:

Kayla and Kupono

Dance a Day Celebration – March 10, 2011 – Day 106 – I Left My Heart in San Francisco, by Tony Bennett

April 8, 2011

The year was 2000.  I had taken my lovely Cate on a spring break vacation to San Francisco.  I read somewhere that we could walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I suggested that to Cate, and she was game, so off we went.  It’s 1.7 miles one way – an easy and spectacular walk.  We had a great time.  And just about half way across I cracked us both up singing this song while looking back at our beloved city by the bay.

And, of course, I did the same exact thing in 2007 when Matthew and I walked across this amazing feat of construction ingenuity.

The dance was just a little improv tribute.

YouTube Link:

Golden Gate Bridge

Dance a Day Celebration – March 9, 2011 – Day 105 – Fly Me to the Moon, by Frank Sinatra

April 8, 2011

This one is for you, Matthew.  Explanation:  Matthew and I always – always dance to this song.  I have the coolest son in the history of sons.

A very groovy West Coast swing.

YouTube Link:

Mother and Son – Bird’s Eye View – or Cate’s Eye View from Upstairs – Dancing to Fly Me to the Moon – Christmas, 2010
Matthew – Groovin’

Dance a Day Celebration – March 8, 2011 – Day 104 – Without You, by Keith Urban

April 8, 2011

Still dancing and now trying to get caught up, and until I do, these will be very brief.

Great song, lovely nightclub two-step.

YouTube Link:

Keith Urban